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How To Clean A Medical Facility

December 30, 2020

There are few places where cleanliness is more important than a medical facility. Hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices all must be kept as clean as possible to protect patients and staff. Any surface, furniture or equipment that is not cleaned properly on a regular basis has the potential to become a transmission vector for viruses and bacteria that can put everyone at risk. Hospital sanitation in particular should be of the utmost importance for administrators and staff members.

This is true not only for the obvious places such as patient and operating rooms, but also for offices, waiting areas and even the equipment used throughout the facility. Because of the extreme importance of keeping these clean and their sheer size and scope, it is crucial that hospital cleaning solutions be as thorough as possible. It’s no wonder, then, that when it comes to cleaning a medical facility, pressure washing can be a vital component of the task. Read on to learn more about how to sanitize a hospital, how to clean hospital equipment and how a pressure washer can help with the process.


How to Clean a Hospital Room

Sanitizing areas throughout a hospital building includes many of the same steps as cleaning the rooms in your home. However, in addition to the standard sweeping, dusting and mopping, an extra layer of sanitization is essential for killing pathogens and keeping people safe. This requires using a hospital-grade disinfectant and sterilizing all parts of patient beds as well as high-touch areas such as light switches, tabletops and TV remote controls. Bathrooms need to be cleaned starting at the highest surfaces and working down to the toilet. Any clinical equipment used in a room during a patient’s stay should also be cleaned and prepared for sterilization. Throughout the process, environmental services personnel should wear gloves, masks and gowns.


The Ultimate in Clean

Combining misting, pressure washing and sanitizing in a single unit, the new SM1200 from SIMPSON offers a versatile and comprehensive solution for keeping medical facilities as sanitary as possible. Its professional-grade misting nozzle creates a uniform mist ideal for disinfecting large areas effectively and efficiently. Equipped with a dual-action metering valve, the SM1200 enables users to switch quickly between pressure washing and misting to take care of any space thoroughly and without delay.

The SM1200’s self-priming supply pump draws water or cleaning solutions with exceptional performance. Its high-pressure/chemical hose is made to handle a wide variety of chemicals used for cleaning and sanitation. Perhaps best of all, it is compact and lightweight, so staff members can easily move it from room to room while they work. These features and more make it a valuable addition to any medical property’s essential equipment.

To learn more about everything this machine can do for your building, contact us today. Our representatives are ready and willing to answer questions about the SM1200 or any of our pressure washing solutions.