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Next Generation Dial-N-Wash

July 26, 2016 by K

Pleasant Prairie, WI. July 26, 2016

SIMPSON® has updated the look and feel of our Dial-N-Wash to for a better, easier and cleaner user experience. At SIMPSON®, our products are ever changing and it was time to update the Dial-N-Wash to better fit the SIMPSON® brand. Changes included the color from silver to black and SIMPSON® red to give it a bolder look and a more modern feel. In conjunction to the changes that were made to the exterior of the Dial-N-Wash, minor changes were made to the inner components as well to improve the overall experience.

The Dial-N-Wash is designed for cold water, pressure washers and is universal to fit most standard spray wands and guns with M22 connectors. Its rated use is up to 4500 PSI for cold water pressure washers and can be adjusted MIN to MAX. The Dial-N-Wash allows you to easily select the correct pressure for the desired cleaning application with a simple twist and contains a visual indicator making it easier to select the correct pressure with a simple twist.


Selecting The Right PSI

When cleaning hard surfaces such as, brick, concrete and siding just set on its higher pressure settings. Clean fences, decks, and wood siding by twisting to its medium setting and for your more sensitive cleaning needs like boats and cars, you can turn it down to the lower pressure settings. The Dial-N-Wash helps eliminate the guess work, while giving you confidence that you are using the appropriate pressure for the desired application.




FNA Group, headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin is one of the most vertically integrated manufacturers of pressure washers, parts, accessories and other outdoor power equipment. Available products include brand names such as SIMPSON®, Delco®, POWERWASHER®, AAA® as well as private label products for some of the largest power equipment marketers in the world. We manufacture electric and gas pressure washers, cold water and hot water pressure washers, pressure washer pumps, high pressure thermoplastic hoses, accessories and the replacement parts that preserve your unit.
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