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How to Pressure Wash Your Grill

June 01, 2017 by K

When it comes to summer, grilling out on the patio is a must do! A problem that can occur, is that the winter has dirtied up your grill! No fear though, your SIMPSON pressure washer is to the rescue to clean up your grimy grill!

Step 1: Disconnect your power source

Do not forget to disconnect your propane tank, gas and your electrical. Make sure all connections and hoses are tucked away and protected to avoid damage.While you are getting ready to pressure wash your grill, make sure to remove the grates and clean them separately.

Step 2: Degreasing Detergent

Make sure to use pressure washer degreasing detergent from your local hardware store in the pressure washing section. Once you have applied the degreasing  detergent, wait 3-5 minutes for it to sink in and cut through the grease.

Step 3: Begin Washing

When you begin the pressure washing work from the bottom up and be careful of the any heating elements in or around the grill. Make sure to use your soap nozzle when using the degreasing detergent. We have multiple other nozzles at different degrees but using a turbo nozzle can help cut the grease easier.

Step 4: Rinse

Now that you have cleaned your grill, do one final rinse. Then dry it with a towel and let the rest air dry!

Happy Grilling!



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