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4 responses to “MegaShot MS60805-S”

  1. David Boughton says:

    Trigger on the spray gun is not working. Plastic Grommets inside spray gun that holds the metal components in place broke.
    Model #MS80605
    Purchased in December not used until May. Only used approximately 8-9 times.
    Also the surface cleaner was not included in box.
    Purchased at Sams Club in Jamestown, NY the store closed shortly after purchase.
    Can you help??

    • SIMPSON says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to let us know about this issue.We want every customer to receive products and services that exceed all expectations. Let’s take care of this matter. Please contact customer service via phone at 877.362.4271.

  2. Baxter Stanley says:

    My problem is also the trigger on the spray gun. I purchased the MS60805 about a year ago from Sam”s Club. It has less than thirty hours usage, and the plastic seat that holds the ball in the valve rotated 90 degrees. I tried to reseat it, but it has been damaged and mis-shaped. I think getting the trigger valve parts will solve the problem. How can I get the parts?

    • Kiara Willard says:

      Hi Baxter Stanley,

      Please contact our Customer Service Department at 877-362-4271 to assist with obtaining parts.

      SIMPSON Team

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