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How To's

How to Clean 15″ Surface Scrubber Nozzles

June 8, 2022

Your surface scrubber can stir up a lot of concrete and brick paver debris, sand, dirt and other material, which could cause your unit to become clogged. If your surface scrubber is not spinning properly, this could be because your nozzles have dirt or debris in them. You can easily clean your surface scrubber nozzles by following the steps below.

Please note, aside from cleaning the nozzles, they are not serviceable. Do not attempt to remove the nozzles as damage may occur.

Turn pressure washer off and release pressure. Before you begin, make sure the engine is off and you have pulled the trigger to release all stored pressure within the hose.

Disconnect wand. Next, disconnect the surface cleaner from the wand.

Use small wire to clean the nozzles. You will need a section of steel wire about 26 gauge or smaller (0.020”) to clean the nozzles. The wire inside a twist tie is perfect for this use. Insert the wire into the nozzle orifice and with a slight circular motion, sweep the wire around to remove any buildup. Do this to both nozzles.

Rinse away dirt and debris. Lastly, using your garden hose, run water over the nozzles to wash away dirt and debris.

Reconnect the wand. Reconnect the surface cleaner to the wand then start the pressure washer as normal. With the surface cleaner facing downward on a hard surface, pull the gun trigger. The surface cleaner should now spin rapidly providing a uniform cleaning path as you move the cleaner.

Remember, always use the surface cleaner with the nozzles facing downward toward the surface to be cleaned. Never use the surface cleaner on any vertical surface or direct the nozzles toward another person or animal.

If the above did not help, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-877-362-4271 for further assistance.