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Kenny Koehler

November 23, 2021

We talk about pressure washers pretty frequently and there’s a big difference between ones for use around your home and what professionals need. There’s another big jump when it comes to commercial quality, and that’s where the Simpson SuperPro Roll-Cage 3600 PSI pressure washer comes in.

There’s a lot to love about the components Simpson chose to build this commercial-level pressure washer. The engine is a Honda GX 200, and it’s California-friendly. The pump is a AAA industrial triplex. You’ll have a tough time finding a better combination than that in this price range.

The combination results in pressures up to 3600 PSI and flow rates up to 2.5 GPM. That’s an excellent all-around performance level that you can use for just about any pressure washing job. Simpon’s ratings are certified by CETA (Cleaning Equipment Trade Association).

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