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How To's

Troubleshooting: Makes Noise and Water is Slow at first

November 14, 2022

Check your inlet screen. Before you connect your garden hose to the pump, inspect the inlet screen on the pump. Clean any debris you find. Replace the inlet screen if it is corroded.

Garden hose should be free of air. Allow water to flow from your garden hose for at least 30 second before you connect the hose to the pump. This will purge the garden hose of any air. Before you connect the garden hose to the pump, inspect the inlet screen. Clean any debris you find; replace the screen if it is corroded. After the garden hose is connected, turn on the water then hold down the trigger until any remaining air within the pump and high pressure hose is purged.

Verify the water source is sufficient for your pressure washer. You need a minimum of 5 gallons per minute (GPM) at 20 pounds per square inch (PSI). If you are unsure of what your water supply capacity is, call a licensed plumber to determine this information.

Issue not resolved? If the above did not help to solve the issue or if you have determined you need to have your pressure washer serviced, please go to our service locator or contact our Customer Service Center at 1-877-362-4271.