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Troubleshooting: System is Not Drawing Soap

August 1, 2022

System is not drawing soap

Be sure to use the soap nozzle. Make sure you have the black, low-pressure soap nozzle attached to the wand. The solution injection will only work when using the low-pressure soap nozzle.

Check the chemical screen filter. Make sure the filter is all the way at the bottom of the soap container. If it floats on top, the chemical will not be drawn into the system.

Check the chemical hose. If the hose is tangled, carefully untangle it to keep it from kinking.

Clean the chemical screen, hose and injector. When you have completed using the solution, make sure to place the screen in a container of clean water and once again using the low-pressure soap nozzle, draw the clean water through the system. This will clean the screen, hose and injector of the chemical solution. If you have used the screen in the past, but forgot to clean it, it may be clogged. In this case, you may need to clean or replace it.

Reminder: Do not use bleach. It must be stated clearly, never use bleach in a pressure washer. When emitted from the nozzle, bleach will cause a cloud of chlorine in the immediate area; this is dangerous to everyone and everything in the area. It can also cause damage to internal pressure washer components. Only use soap that is approved to be used with pressure washers and always follow the instructions of the bottle.

Check for chemical buildup. Lastly, if you still cannot draw the cleaning solution into the system, there may be a chemical buildup or other issue with the chemical injector. In this situation, check out our service locator or contact our Customer Service Center at 1-877-362-4271 to find where your nearest service center is located.