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Troubleshooting: Is Water in my Pump Oil?

August 14, 2023

Don’t be alarmed if your pressure washer oil looks like it’s frothy while running.

After using your pressure washer, you may notice the oil in the sight glass looks bubbly or frothy. This can be alarming, making you think water has somehow gotten into the oil. However, there’s a simple explanation – pressure washer oil will become frothy from the high-speed operation.

It is completely normal for the oil to take on this foamy appearance while the pressure washer is running.

Within a few hours after shutting off the pressure washer, the air bubbles in the oil will dissipate, and the oil will return to its regular appearance. So if you check on the sight glass and see frothy oil, don’t panic! Just let the pressure washer sit for a while after use. When you return and inspect it again, you’ll likely see the oil has settled down and looks normal once more.

The takeaway is that frothy-looking oil during and right after use does not necessarily mean water contamination. It is simply a result of the pump running. Give it time to settle before assuming there’s a problem. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines; your pressure washer’s oil should perform just fine.

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