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How To's

Winterizing Your Pressure Washer

November 3, 2021

To extend the life of your SIMPSON pressure washer, proper maintenance is a must. This includes winterizing your pressure washers pump and engine when your pressure washer is going to be stored and unused for a period of time. Winterizing will prevent any residual moisture from freezing, expanding and potentially cracking valves and seals inside your pump. Also, it will protect your engine from any moisture that may reside in stagnant gas, causing your engine to fail.

Ethanol Shield

The fuel system needs to be protected from the effects of ethanol. Using Ethanol Shield is the best way to accomplish this.

1. Follow the instructions on the Ethanol Shield bottle by adding the required amount calculated for your container size.

2. Fill your gas tank with fresh gasoline. It is found that having the tank filled with treated gasoline to be better for the fuel system than running it dry.

3. With the water supply turned on, start the engine. Allow the engine to run a few minutes so the treated fuel is pulled into the carburetor. Make sure to pull the trigger on the gun so the water is flowing through the pump; you do not need to have a nozzle attached.


Disconnect Pressure Washer Accessories

4. Turn the engine OFF. This is a safety measure to be sure your pressure washer doesn’t turn on while winterizing the pump.

5. Disconnect your garden hose from the pump and hose bib. Make sure to drain the hose before you coil it for storage.

6. Disconnect the spray gun from the high pressure hose. Hold the spray gun in a vertical position and squeeze the trigger to remove any stored water. Place the spray gun back into the gun holder.

7. Disconnect the high pressure hose from the pump. Drain the water from the high pressure hose. If needed, use compressed air to fully remove the water.

8. Coil the hose and place it on the hose wrap.


Pump Guard

Now that you’ve prepped your pressure washer to be winterized, it’s time to use SIMPSON Pump Guard to protect from frigid temperatures and keep seals lubricated inside the pump to preserve them while being stored. Using SIMPSON Pump Guard will coat your pump to prevent corrosion or other damage that can lead to cracks in your pump due to water expanding when frozen.

To view our video on how to use SIMPSON Pump Guard, click here.

9. Make sure the engine switch is in the OFF position. This is a safety measure to be sure your pressure washer doesn’t turn on while winterizing the pump.

10. Attach the SIMPSON Pump Guard to the hose input on the pump.

Pro Tip: Use a disposable rag to catch the splatter from the Pump Guard as it exits the outlet.

11. Inject the PUMP GUARD into the pump through the hose input. Verify that the engine is in the OFF position. Allow Pump Guard to work through the pump for approximately 30 seconds. Your pump is now filled with Pump Guard.

12. Remove the SIMPSON Pump Guard bottle from the pump.

13. Check the air pressure of the pneumatic tires (if applicable) and add air if needed.

14. Store the gasoline engine pressure washer in a dry, ventilated location that does not contain sources of flame (furnace, hot water heater, etc.). Only electric powered pressure washers may be stored inside warm areas like a basement.

Rest easy knowing your pressure washer is safe all season long!