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Electric pressure washers vs. gas pressure washers


April 9, 2021

Which pressure washer is best — electric or gas?

Pressure washers are a tremendous help with all kinds of cleaning tasks that would otherwise be a real chore. They come with various nozzles and power options, which means you can use them in many situations. From washing your car or motorcycle to cleaning off your deck or driveway, pressure washers make for a handy tool. But how do you know which pressure washer is right for you?


There are two important numbers to look for in a pressure washer. One is pounds per square inch (psi), which measures water pressure, and the other is gallons per minute (GPM), which measures volume. For example, high pressure might be effective but only provides you with a thin jet of water. And while high volume can clean large areas, it may require a lot of power.

The main thing that divides electric pressure washers from their gas counterparts is their physical size and performance. Here’s how they compare.

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