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Simpson King Brute KB3028 Heated Pressure Washer – Review

Dan Maxey

November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013

We do a lot of pressure reviews here at Tools In Action but this is the first heated unit that we have reviewed.  For the homeowner, this is crazy overkill so we took it out on the job with the Pros.  We tried to think of the harshest environment we could, turns out it is acid washing.  In the Chicago suburbs, we have the Fox River, it is like a big sewer that people swim and tube in. Everything drains into the Fox River, when you put your hand in you cannot see it.  When boats stay in this water for extended periods they get an algae mossy type coating that adheres to the bottom of the boat.  This causes performance issues and in general, is unsightly.  Being a boat owner I know how hard this stuff is to clean off.  Basically, it’s oven cleaner or acid to clean the boat!  Yes, it is that caked on, that after you let the chemical sit on for a few minutes you need a high psi pressure washer to remove it.

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