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How To's

Applying Cleaning Soap/Detergents

April 29, 2021

Make sure to use detergents that are safe for use in pressure washers and never use bleach or flammable solvents. Applying cleaning detergents is a very easy process using one of the two following methods.

Soap/Detergent tank – If you have a detergent tank attached to the frame of your pressure washer, simply remove the cap from the tank and pour the detergent into the tank.

Soap/Detergent siphon hose – If you do not have a detergent tank, you should have a detergent siphon hose that is attached to the pump housing near the high-pressure hose connection. Simply unroll the hose and place the filter end into your container of detergent.

In all situations, you will need to use the black nozzle for the detergent to be drawn into the system. Use of any of the other nozzles will cause the pressure to rise higher and the injection valve will not open. Use the high-pressure nozzles to rinse away the soap and grime. Once you have completed the project, make sure to fill the detergent tank with freshwater or place your siphon hose into a container of freshwater to flush the system. Using the black nozzle, pull the trigger and allow all of the freshwater to be drawn into the system. This will remove any residue from the detergent. Failure to clean out the detergent system can lead to a clogged injector system, detergent filter, and/or pump damage.